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DJ Philatrini

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February 18, 2022


"This is dedicated to the love of the music I love."

Who is PHILATRINI? This is complex but BIG UPS to the two homes I represent- PHILA (Philadelphia, PA) and TRINI (Trinidad & Tobago). The son of a pastor, an educator, the youngest of five and formerly known as DJ STRYKE.

My family and I traveled throughout the Caribbean as my father did his work before permanently relocating back to my father’s homeland of Trinidad & Tobago.  Some years after my dad passed, I moved with my mom back to her home island of Montserrat where fate would have it that I encountered for the first time a pair of Pioneer Techniques 1200 turntables while interning at the legendary (now buried under pyroclastic flow from the Soufriere Hills volcano) 930 Radio Antilles Montserrat.  My life was changed forever.  My passion for djing and entertaining thru music was ignited.  Hours spent in the recording booths at night practicing to spin records and work the mixing board (unbeknownst to Rose the Program Mgr!) are memories I treasure to this day. I hope that as you sample the sounds and the vibes I love to provide, it will move your soul, your body & your mind, AND inspire in you some enjoyment and happiness in that moment in time.

The I Love Music Series is my offering of mixes/compilations featuring sounds from the various genres of music I love and have played at various events.

Make sure to check out the videos of my live performances on my website DJ Philatrini and please share the love by liking and SHARING the link smile

Love & Many Blessings



dj jstar

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January 02, 2022


"I love entertaining people"

Born on the countryside of Haiti. Jeremie to be exact, known as the city of poets. I never played any instruments, but I always had great hears for music and the feeling and healing music brings to people. Moved to the US at a young exposed me to a lot of other genres of music which I appreciate. I been blessed to play in Egypt Belize and Jamaica. I love entertaining people with music and Laughters.



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  • A way of broadcasting the Island culture not just thru our Music but also thru our voice.

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  • We don't just represent one Island, we represent all Islands. For we are one.