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Ian G

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September 08, 2021


"When the music hits, you feel no pain"

Born in Port-au-Prince Haiti & raised in Brooklyn, NY, music has always been at the forefront of my existence. Having played the drums at the age of 4, mom always playing music in the house, music was destined to be a lifelong drug. 42years later, 20+ as a DJ/Selector, nothing has changed. All genres, all events, tons of cities & a few countries later & I love it just the same. People let you down but the music will never. Take a journey with me......

I'm Jeanius, the pleasure is mine.


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  • A way of broadcasting the Island culture not just thru our Music but also thru our voice.

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Philadelphia, PA USA


  • We don't just represent one Island, we represent all Islands. For we are one.